My Project: Survival Cart

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My Ideas for the Survival Cart game.

The cart goes around the map “track” on an indefinite loop. It can be damaged by enemy NPCs, so players will need to stay on or near it.

The cart will have upgrade stations for itself and for players to upgrade things like: health and ammo regeneration, speed, and damage output.
The cart is constantly putting out an aura of ammo regeneration and health.

Enemies will spawn as the cart reaches (node) points throughout the map. These enemies will attack the cart and try to disable it, forcing it to return to the main Station. If this happens then players are basically having to restart the mission.

Loot items: guns, armor, special ammo (rockets) will be found throughout the map and players will risk their own safety and that of the cart to explore and find these items.

Each enemy a player kills will drop a Manticoin that will be shared with everyone, plus the cart to pay for upgrades. I may make the coin be of varying values like: 1-4 Manticoin.

This game is going to be made within the Core game engine. Check them out at

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