Useful Core CCs


Automated Player Piano – by Joviex

Summary: Feed it in a string of music constructed from the mini-language to encode A0-A7 along with note lengths, and you have a mini-player piano!

You can even remap the sounds to something other than the piano sample I used to make other instruments.



Automatic Turret – by Pacdac

Template for a simple automatic turret


Chicken Player – by WavePardigm

You are the chicken! Simply drag out GiveChicken into your hierarchy and your players will be made invisible at spawn, and a chicken will be in their place. The chicken has variable run animation speeds, cluck frequency, and more which you can configure on the “ChickenContext” object. Should work right out of the box!


Oct2020 Costume Challenge – by grimland

“My costume submission for Payout Challenge.”


Quick Weapon Switcher 2.0 – by Buckmonster

Version 2.0 of my Quick Weapon Switcher

Built for testing, but can be used for a game. I’ll continue to update.

– Automatically assigns weapon hotkeys based upon folder order
– Duplicate weapon group (Children of QuickWeaponSwitch script)
– Set weapon template, name, icon, icon_color, frame color

Run and you’re good to go


AphimAI – by Aphrim

A custom AI NPC kit coded from the ground up with advanced features such as retreating, a stamina system, multiple attacks. navmesh, and much more. Check the Read_Me for more info. Requires a navmesh module to use.


Portal Gun Makeover – by Buckmonster

“Took @WaveParadigm ‘s portal gun and gave it a skin makeover inspired by the OG portal gun.”


Sprint System with Stamina – by Hani

This is a sprint system with a stamina system included. Works out of the box and no set up needed.


Melee Fighting Locomotion – by Ali107

“Gives the player a way to fight without weapons.”


Spawn Asset at Random Time Int – by LuckofBuck

“Choose a min and max time in seconds to spawn any effect you want.”


Core Gunrange Gun – by mangoboy

“The gun from core gun range.”


_RPGMod_Sky_Night_02_INFERNO – by LordCail

“Gives a very atmospheric horror look and feel to your map!”


Tracking Spotlight – by Mucusinator

A Spotlight that will horizontally track a target (You’ve got to drag’n drop an asset for it to track)
Pathway in the folder structure to the script is: TrackingSpotlight/UpperHalf/UpperCoreProperPivot
Bootlegged from a turret prototype with a spotlight slapped on top.


Zipline – by zurishmi

This is a zipline that players can ride in either direction by pressing F. It should be placed so that the player’s feet never touch the ground while hanging from it (or just barely at the ends).


Tent with Sleeping Ability – by NoobDadGamer

Mash Up and Kitbash of TJarvis and StandardCombo’s great templates. Remixed by me with an emphasis on survival.


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